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Infants, TOT & Preschool
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645 Birch Mountain Road • Manchester, Connecticut 06040


Jenifer J. Minicucci, Owner/Director Birch Mountain Day School

My three brothers and I were raised by our parents in beautiful, rural Bolton where we rode our bikes in the road to neighbors homes and played hide and seek until we were called home for dinner. Our parents raised us to understand the importance of education, especially a college education.

After graduating from Bolton High School, I was accepted into the education program at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. I graduated 4 years later with a B.S. in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics. After Salve Regina, I pursued a master's degree at St. Joseph's College in West Hartford where, two years later, I earned a Master of Arts Degree in Elementary Education, Reading and Literature. My parents succeeded in all four of their children earning college degrees and beyond.

With my husband's resources, my parent's financial help, and lots of hard work we built Birch Mountain Day School. During construction we had written on a chalk board, "Build it and they will come." Three months later, on September 3, 1995, Birch Mountain Day School began it's first school year. And yes, "They did come."

Since 1995 we have been successful in educating the young, who will be graduating from college 17 years after they graduate from their first school, Birch Mountain Day School.

My husband and I live in Bolton and are enjoying raising our 3 children. All have attended Birch Mountain Day School.

The rights to use the photographs of the children and balloons you see on this Web site were purchased from an online stock photo agency. The children are not students at the Birch Mountain Day School.


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