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645 Birch Mountain Road • Manchester, Connecticut 06040

Dear Mrs. Minicucci, Mrs. Dalesio and the Entire Staff of Birch Mountain Day School,
As our grandson gets ready to go off to Kindergarten we wanted to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “Thank You: for all you have done for him. He has come so very far in his social, emotional and academic development. We are amazed at how much has learned and grown. As a former Special Education Kindergarten teacher for 34 years I know what it takes to help these little ones grow and be ready for Kindergarten in all areas of development. I know too what lies ahead for him in Kindergarten and his I ready to go thank to you all!

We will be continuing to see you as his younger brother goes to Birch Mountain and we look forward to that.
Thank you so VERY much for taking such good care of our grandsons!

With our sincere thanks,
Rosemary and Andy T.

Ms. Minicucci,

This is Jaxon's Nona (Kris) and I wanted to write to you to thank you for your unbelievable hospitality and sincere thoughtfulness last week when you invited Jaxon to spend the day at BMDS. I want you to know how much you made that little boy's day. He awoke that morning early, eager and ready to go (which is no small feat - trust me) and couldn't wait to pack his lunch and go with his Papi to his 'old school'. He couldn't stop telling us about the friends he got to see and meet and what a great time he had that day. BMDS holds such a warm place in his heart and he still speaks of his time with you and your team often and very fondly. I love when he quotes something you taught him - I wish I could remember tonight the many quotes / things / lessons you and your team have taught him over the years. Makes me smile every time he recalls these little nuggets.

You have always been very special to our family and I just want you to know what you have meant to Jaxon. You have always been and continue to be a very influential person in that little boy's life. A true unconditional love and a safe place for Jaxon to recall as he continues to grow into a special little boy.

Thank you for all that you have done for him and Brianne and thank you and of course everyone from BMDS for being such an important part of Jaxon's life.


Jaxon's Nona


I just wanted to write you a letter, as I leave Birch Mountain Day School, to let you know what an influence working at your school has had on my life. I want to say thank you, so much, for allowing me to work with the amazing children at Birch Mountain. I have absolutely loved every minute with the children, my co-workers, and with you. Birch Mountain has taught me a lot about myself and about the person I want to become. I have learned so much about working with children and believe that I have become a better and more confident individual from working at the school. I am pursuing an elementary education degree because of the experience that I have had working at your school. I changed my major because I realized how much I loved working with children, potentially making a different in some of their lives. It is amazing to see how you can influence a child’s behavior or learning by simply waving to them, playing with them, or reading them a book. I have enjoyed the children learn and grow as individuals, specifically at Birch Mountain, through your program and your, as well as the other teacher’s, teaching. You have been a great boss and a great role model for me and I simply wanted to express my gratitude towards you and the opportunity that you had given me to work at your school. I hope that the school continues to grow and flourish. I will miss everyone at Birch Mountain Day School and I wish you all the best!

Vanessa Corrao

Emily will not be returning to Birch Mountain this fall as she has been accepted into the Riverside Magnet School in East Hartford.  I wanted to personally thank you and the rest of the staff at BMDS for all that you have done for our children over the last few years.  We have nothing but good things to say about the programs you run. Both Caroline and Emily have had overwhelmingly positive experiences at BMDS, which is a testament to the work that you all do every day.  It has been a pleasure watching our girls learn at BMDS, their confidence in themselves as well as their acceptance and compassion for others is something we take enormous pride in, and your programs always helped to foster those traits.  We understand it truly takes a village to properly raise and look after our children.  You have been an essential part of our village over the last few years.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you do.

All our best,

Neal and Melissa Benson

I wanted to take the time to express my deepest gratitude for all you have done for us.

It is not easy sending your only child off to school (as I am sure you know). I spent time researching all the pre-schools in the Manchester area and narrowed it down to two schools with Birch Mountain "BMDS" being one of them.

Upon meeting and speaking with you I knew instantly BMDS would be a perfect fit for our daughter (and us).

After two successful years at BMDS, we cannot thank you enough.

You and your staff go above and beyond. Very few people can say they love their jobs. It certainly shows with you and your staff. The work she performed in your classroom went beyond our anticipations. We feel so strongly about our daughter going to a school with the same ideals and moral values as us and BMDS exceeded all our expectations.

We appreciate your flexibility with our daughter's before and after school schedule as well. In a hectic world, it comforted us to know that BMDS would always be there when we needed it.

We are all saddened BMDS will no longer be in our lives. Enrolling at BMDS was the greatest gift we could have given to our daughter on what will be a long educational journey. It is so important her first few years of school are great ones and BMDS achieved that and so much more.

We sincerely wish you and your staff all the best in the future. We hope BMDS continues its success for future students.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you ever need anything.

Sarah Kalmanovsky
June 2015

A Testimonial to Birch Mountain Day School Kindergarten and Preschool.

We never had any intentions of sending our daughter to any fee based school system: until one day when I went to visit Birch Mountain Day School with a friend who wanted to send her children there. I fell in love with the place and quickly convinced my husband this was truly the place to put your child. Cost was well worth what they provided: not much more than regular day care and so much more in return! Not to mention they had a pool where she could get swimming lessons, so important at an early age.

Caitlin took time to adjust but quickly fell right into her own little “nitch” at BMDS. She loved it so much she wanted to participate in FULL day kindergarten, which we totally agreed with. We will never forget the Director and Caitlin’s kindergarten teacher telling us at our first parent teacher conference how Caitlin did not know how to organize her time. We looked at her like she had a third eye but moved to let her discuss the issue as she was the “educator”, and we were just naïve parents. Much to our surprise it was pretty basic and simple; she suggested Caitlin do what she enjoyed best last in her line of projects for the day. This worked and became an incredible asset throughout Caitlin’s school years, now graduating in 2010 as Valedictorian of Bolton High School!

Caitlin flourished at Birch Mountain and was an outstanding student at Bolton Center School, along with several other students from BMDS who also were exceptional students throughout their school years and notably accepted at some very prestigious colleges. Hopefully their parents will take the time to compliment as well.

Caitlin has been recognized nationally, statewide and locally for her academics and writing skills. She has become an avid swimmer, swim team coach, water safety instructor, and lifeguard! Caitlin credits Mrs. Minicucci as a true mentor and great teacher. She has remained a constant in Caitlin’s and all her students’ lives over their education beyond leaving BMDS. This is a true credit to her commitment to our children. We definitely made the right choice and a huge thank you to my friend, Heather, who brought me with her that day!

During a speech Caitlin made on her graduation day …”Birch Mountain will always be remembered as my foundation and a credit to everything I’ve accomplished today. Thank you Birch Mountain Day School for my great start.”

Caitlin is graduating from college this May and off to California where she has already has secured a job. We all will forever be grateful to her start at BMDS!

Evelyn O’Connor
February 2014

Dear Jeni,

Now that George has been at BMDS for a year, I wanted to say thanks to you and the wonderful TOT teachers for taking such good care of him. I know that George will have a good time when I leave him in the morning. I think it’s been a very positive experience for him.
I am so happy with his teachers; I love Mrs. Belous, Mrs. Engelhardt and Mrs. Landrey, and all the people who care for George during the day – including, of course, your kids. And it’s fun to leave George with Mrs. Brophy every morning too. She was part of the fun at ECLC when my sisters and I were there!

I look forward to many more years to come!
Meg Ferron
August 31, 2013


Dear Jeni and the Birch Mountain Staff,

Michael and Carly have been with you for the past 2 -1/2 years, and their experience at your center has been wonderful. You have all the provided them with so much care, love, kindness, good values, and most of all, a fun place to grow and develop. We are so grateful for all that you’ve done. As Michael and Carly continue on to new adventures, they will always have fond memories of Birch Mountain Day School! Thank you so much for your support over the years!

The Robbins Family
August 2012

Hi Mrs. Minicucci!

I’ve been wanting to drop you a note and say hello. We think of you and Birch Mountain Day School often, and always very fondly.

Angela is 13 and in the 8th grade this year at Illing Middle School. John and I are forever grateful to you for starting Angela’s education off right. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We often reflect on what a strong foundation BMDS provided for her to build on. And, thankfully, she continues to be a good student. She loves loves loves to read and she still loves school in general, so we are delighted.

We hope you and your family are all well and happy and that you are enjoying another wonderful school year on the mountain!

Besty Simonetti
September 21, 2012


Danielle M. (Preschool & Kindergarten parent)

It is hard to believe that it has been five years since the first day I dropped off my son at Birch Mountain. He was 11 weeks old and I never doubted for a minute the loving and nurturing environment he would be a part of. Both of my children have thrived at your facility. I am so grateful not only for the academic learning they experience, but for the way you have helped mold them in to happy and well adjusted human beings.

Thank you!

Laura Bassett, Glastonbury

"Birch Mountain Day School is by far the best facility for children in the area. All three of my children attended 2 other pre-schools before we discovered what was right here on the mountain. And no one else even comes close to the level of care and intelligence this school offers. What other school comes with an owner who is at the facility teaching her own children and yours every day?

My kids have been attending the school since 2004 as students in many different programs. Birch Mountain is one of the few schools that offers a tot, pre-school and kindergarten program. Their teachers are highly qualified, deeply caring individuals. Everyone that works at this school has become such an important part of my families daily life. Whatever your needs may be, Birch Mountain is the only place I can recommend!"


K. and E. Skopas

"Our older son attended BMDS for four years beginning with a two mornings per week preschool program and ending with a full day five days a week kindergarten program. Our younger son currently attends BMDS and has for the past three years beginning with the Tot Program at age 2.5 and now preparing for the kindergarten program.

It is a wonderful nurturing environment filled with highly qualified and talented teachers and assistants. Our sons received an excellent start to their formal education at the school. The curriculum is very progressive and includes a wonderful exposure to various cultures and customs. Interactive and engaging lessons in music, art, drama, social studies, reading, writing and mathematics are taught in an interdisciplinary way. The flexibility of the programming options, including the extended day and summer day camp programs, has greatly benefited our family. The building is clean, bright, and very colorful with samples of student work. BMDS is a very welcoming place where children thrive and develop."

George Otten

From 1998 through 2006 my two daughters, Emily (12) and Caroline (10) went from diapers to kindergarten graduates. The programs were stimulating and educational for the girls. They had wonderful teachers during the school year and enthusiastic councilors during the summer camp period.

The facility was both clean and safe and the swim programs allowed the children to get a great start on the summer fun.

We transferred to England last December and our children have excelled at the private schools here. This is in part from the strong foundational teaching of accepting others for who they are and the “hard work can be fun” attitude that was instilled in them at Birch Mountain.

Thank you to Jeni and all her staff for the experience.


Jim Hagen
Corporate and Foundation Relations

My two children attended Birch Mountain Day School for a combined three years of preschool and kindergarten and a total of five summers for camp. They absolutely thrived there. They were eager to go each morning and left at the end of each day happy and bubbling with enthusiasm. I have no doubt, because of the care and extraordinary dedication of their teachers and counselors, they emerged from their experience better prepared emotionally and intellectually to face the challenges of school and life beyond. After my oldest son left, he continued to experience the School vicariously through his little brother, asking him about his friends, his teachers, what he learned, and what he did. For both of them, it was and remains in their memory a safe harbor, a special place where learning was fun and the happiness contagious.

Cheers and best wishes to all of you!


Carrie Truscinski

"Birch Mountain Day School has been a wonderful place for my four children to begin their education. The school environment is friendly and nurturing, providing a child-centered educational and social experience. It has been comforting to know that my children are safe while doing what children do best, learn, explore, create and express themselves."


The Vetter Family

We want to thank you for a wonderful pre-school experience. Phoebe had never been left with anyone other than family in the first 4 yrs. Of her life... So this was as very big deal for us. And to my surprise... You made it very comfortable for all of us.

I shopped around for schools ... As I wanted this experience to be perfect for her. I wanted her safe &structured... able to learn & have fun. And of course had to use my good old gut feelings . Your school was the only one where I did not cry as I drove off. With the thought of leaving my child somehow other than home there for... you met all of my requirements & followed through with every one of them. Thank you again for taking such good care of my Phoebe & preparing her for the next phase of her school years. She has since been learning to read & us very excited about that.

She is also very excited about starting kindergarten & I thank you for that.

See you in a year or two with our little man “Zane.”


Maureen and Milten Ives

Aiden has so enjoyed his time at birch Mountain (in both the after-school program as well as summer camp), and we have every intention of applying for summer camp next year for him. He really has developed so beautifully this summer - his vocabulary has really picked up, he has a new-found love of swimming after playing with his friends in the pool; and he loves learning as he is always s happy to go see “Scucci.” We are both so very impressed with your program, with the amount of activity he is involved in and with how very accommodating you have always been. You certainly deserve a great deal of credit for providing a program that has been such a success in Aiden’s development (both socially and intellectually).


Pete and Deb Bailey
Bolton, Connecticut

When it came time for our daughter to move from a home daycare setting to a larger preschool, we knew that the transition would not be easy. The staff at Birch Mountain Day School was instrumental in making the change a positive one. Her teachers were warm and nurturing and communicated with us regularly about her adjustment. Within two weeks, it was as if our daughter had always been attending BMDS! For her kindergarten experience, we were looking for a full day setting that offered a well-rounded curriculum and small class size. Our daughter was involved in activities that not only focused on the basics, but also incorporated the arts as well as science and social studies topics that broadened her horizons. She received individual attention as well as group experiences. Through this, our child blossomed and learned to love learning! We feel that she is well prepared for the academic challenges that will come along in elementary school thanks her two years at BMDS!


B. Alexander

The teachers at BMDS have a hands on multi sensory approach to teaching that actively involves your child in learning. The weekly themes are full of enrichment activities that encourage imagination through music, play, and art. The warm, friendly environment, colorful, clean classrooms and energetic teachers, leave a lasting positive impression on your child's memory. My twelve and eight year old still talk fondly of their preschool and kindergarten days at BMDS. Their favorite memory was studying countries and cultures around the world. The children created passports and traveled to various countries through books, music, food, art and costumes.


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